Monday, 29 July 2013

A no-blog Blog!

This is what it says it is - a list of my Blogs. 

I thought it was easier to have one central point to send people to if they were interested in any of my Blogs rather than having to (a) remember individual blog addresses or (b) write down more than one address when I needed to.  This way, anyone finding themselves here, can find the blog they want and see what else is 'on offer'.

The highlighted dolls house blog will be the current mini project.  

Welcome to Em's blog world.......

Dalton House - Current (2015) project - a Georgian house set in 1820 (Regency period).  It came from a love of Georgian houses, a slight interest in Jane Austen and a desire to learn more about that period.  This is intended to be a very slow project.

Chocolat - finished - summer 2013 project - a French chocolaterie in an English village in 1955. My first go at rehashing someone's else's build (O'Rourke's Post Office).  It had an eight-part series in Dolls House and Miniature Scene magazine, beginning March 2014.

Bentleys - finished - summer 2012 project - a dress shop and milliners in 1911, very modern for its time taking its influence from Selfridge's (the real story not the TV show!).  It is finished and was sold in the summer of 2014. Made from Bromley Crafts' Lyddington shop.  

Wentworth Court - finished - summer 2011 project - a four-storey Georgian house - my first  project.  I used a DHE flat-pack called Wentworth Court!  It was inhabited by my family in about 1980 but had a couple of formal rooms furnished with period furniture.  It  is finished and sold.  It had a seven-part series in Dolls House and Miniature Scene magazine, beginning September 2012.

Dolls House Shows - reports on shows I have visited

Lilliput Sales - Every now and then I have a clear out of things I am not going to use.  It won't be a lot or very often but if you are interested just go to this blog and fill in the 'join by email' link in the right hand column and when I add anything to the site you will be notified.  I don't see your address and its not passed on any where else. 

Bury Gardeners - A garden blog; originally a local 'advice' once but now just a journal for me of any gardening exploits.

Clavering a journal I started in August 1999 

Florilegium - A garden blog to record the latest brand new garden begun in a new home in Scotland.

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I also have three more  blogs for projects which were never finished.

The Gate House - This is a quarter scale project.  The Gate House by Geoff Lewis.  

Parkside - This is a 1/12th Honeychurch House.  I barely began this project so there's not much in this blog

Les Roches - Sadly the photographs seem to have disappeared from this blog.  I do, however still have them on file so if you would like me to send them you 'en block' that can be done.  Meanwhile this was a quarter scale project - Petit Palais from Petite Properties


  1. I sure wish you would provide a subscribe by email option that way I would always know when you posted. It would be a great help

    1. OK - done and dusted - follow by email link on all my blogs. Mia culpa - only excuse is when I tried using that before (ages ago) it wouldn't work. Looks like they have ironed out the wrinkles now as it tested OK. Hope it helps. Thanks again.

  2. apologies - I will go through my blogs and add it - hopefully today. I do have a notification email (list of email addresses that folk send me) that I do each time I post for people who don't like the sign up part of blogs. Just realise you might only be talking about this blog - never occurred to me that someone might want to follow this one but, of course it makes sense - sorry again. Give me five minutes and a link will be here. Thank you for making me aware of it. marilyn

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  4. Hello Alex, I am sorry to have removed your message to me but it came with a lot of attached links and these days there is no way of knowing if they are legitimate ones and I didn't want any reader to click on one of them and be caught out. Again apologies if everything was OK. M